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ENVB Enviro-Bond Oil Absorbing Bilge Sock Separates bilge oil from water. Be kind, don't pump oil into our waterways!
Absorbs grease, gas, diesel and oil from bilge water Discard in the regular trash.

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Just drop the Enviro-Bond Bilge Sock into your bilge. It will spend the season absorbing all forms of oils and solidifying them inside the sock. Simple dispose of the bilge sock in the regular trash at the end of the season or after a bilge spillage accident.

Does not absorb water. This bilge Sock filled is filled with a propriatary polymer that absorbs and solidifies fuel or oil while it sits in your bilge.

Don't Pollute! Put one in the bilge and change it out once a season.

  • Absorbs and solidifies oil, gas and deisel without absorbing water.
  • No special handling or disposal needed. Throw out with regular trash.
  • Reduce smells from bilge oil, gas and diesel by 80% in 5 minutes.
  • Chosen by state agencies from New England to Florida for use in Clean Marina and Clean Boater Programs.
An Absorbant Device for oil, gasoline and diesel used to reduce environmental pollution. This is a quality product designed to absorb spilled or leaked liquid hydrocarbons, that accumulate in the bilge of a boat. Once the hydrocarbon comes in contact with the material inside the boom it will be converted from liquid to a solid. The hydrocarbons will not drip from the bonding polymer. Bonding commences immediately and reduces the off gasses by 80% in 5 Minutes, effectively reducing the fumes in the bilge compartment. The bilge boom will absorb and bond 2.5 quarts of oil, gasoline, and diesel.
SCAD PT90™ Propane Solenoid ShutOff Timer
Provides additional safety measure in case the user forgets to shut off the propane solenoid manually.
SmartLock outboard motor lock for engines to 35/40 HP (with clamp screws).

Keep your engine safe from thieves!
Automatic Loading Multi-bit Screw Driver will make you the feel like Matt Dillon! Works like a pump gun!
Loads and chambers a bit from its magazine/ handle. You never touch the bit!
Signal Mate 2NM LED Tri-Color & 2NM Anchor with Wind Indicator Illumination Includes mounting bracket
Compact and rugged Designed for many years of operation Made in USA
On Sale through February. MSRP $351.00, Now $285.00!
SCAD TM1 Tank Monitor with Sensor.
Monitor holding tanks and water tanks with the touch of a button.
No-OX-ID A Special Electrical Grade Conductive Grease and Contact Lubricant
Use on all electrical contacts to prevent corrosion. Rated number one by "Practical Sailor" Dec. 2010
Signal Mate 2NM LED Tri-Color plus Anchor, Wind Indicator Illumination and Daylight Sensor (bracket included)
Compact and rugged Designed for many years of operation. Daylight sensor turns Anchor light on/off Made in USA!
On Sale through February. MSRP $371.00, Now $310.00!
CrewLight™ Flashlight - 4 Duracell® batteries included

The ultra bright pocket light!
"Toughest and Brightest" - Practical Sailor


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