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EK01 Onboard 12V Shut-off Timer and Alarm Logic Board
Automatically shuts off your propane switch when you forget.
Build your own alarm or code an engine alarm with its own unique signal system
Many more uses!

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Anything that can improve the safety of a propane system is worth doing. Like most of us, your propane switch can sometimes be left "on" after cooking. You simply forget. We've come upon a solution that we'd like you to know about. We've found and tested this really cool & well-made timer circuit manufactured for industrial alarm systems. This beefy little logic timer can easily be wired to shut off the propane solenoid after a pre-set time delay. (see our circuit diagram above)

Click here to see a 2007 Boatworks Article on creative ways to use our wireless switch and our shut-off timer circuit.

Here's how it installs:

Connect timer to your propane power switch as shown in our diagram.
Pre-set your average cooking time. (up to one hour) No additional buttons, switches or changes on the outside of the panel are needed.

The delay timer is connected inside your switch panel and has its own peel and stick mount for easy installation. Now whenever you cook, your propane solenoid switch will automatically shut off after a pre-determined time. Flip your propane panel switch off and on again to reactive the timer if you still have cooking to do.

Other Uses:

This little delay timer is a flexible and fun way to add a delay shut-off to other onboard applications. For example, connect it to a deck or spreader light. Disembark with the lights on. Your lights will turn off automatically after you are securely on your way.

Setup is quick and easy with thumbwheel adjustment between 1 second up to and 60 minutes. The Timer can be configured to activate once for each trigger, or free-run as soon as power is applied. Relay can be configured to be normally on or normally off.

Timer should be installed inside your electrical cabinet or other protected space (NOT IN THE PROPANE LOCKER!). Instructions are included for our propane shut-off circuit and nine other wiring applications for the alarm industry that you may be able to find applications for.

Code an alarm signal: This little circuit can be placed in line with an engine alarm sensor. You can now give that particular sensor its own distint pulsing signal. Now should an engine alarm go off you will know instantly by the "beeping" that it is you have a temperature problem ,for example.

We're sure there are a lot of other uses. Send us an email with your invention!

  • 12 to 24 Volt DC Operation
  • Adjustable Time Delay
  • SPDT (Form "C") Relay
  • Low Current Input Trigger (<1mA)
  • Selectable Positive or Negative trigger
  • Selectable Initial Relay State: ON / OFF
  • Operating Modes: One-Shot or Repeat
  • LED Indication of Relay State
  • Peel & stick mounting
  • Five-year Limited Warranty
  • Made in USA
Operating Voltage12 to 24 Volts DC
Current Draw40 mA DC with relay on
Time Settings1 to 60 Seconds or 1 to 60 Minutes
Relay ContactsForm "C", 7A @ 30VDC, 10 A @ 125VAC
Size3" x 2.2" x 1"
Trigger Voltage4.5 - 24VDC
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