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CL01 CrewLight™ Flashlight - 4 Duracell® batteries included

The ultra bright pocket light!
"Toughest and Brightest" - Practical Sailor

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The Crew-Light Ultra Bright Pocket Light

The Crew-Light™ is the only flashlight designed specifically as a personal high quality lighting system for the serious sailor. After spending most of my life messing around with boats I decided to stop having to deal with low quality, bulky, unreliable and weak flashlights. We took the best we could find from technology and applied it to the problem. We are very proud of its Crew-Light™, arguably the best flashlight you may ever use on-board.

Accessories Here's why you should own a Crew-Light™:
  1. Patented tri-LED System - LED's are now better then bulbs. They last longer but up until recently they weren't as bright. The Crew-Light™ uses the brightest high quality LED's known to man! We use three of them in parallel seated inside a flood light lens for a killer saloon-filling light beam. It's so bright you can't look at it even in the daylight!

    Flood not spot lighting is what you need on-board. This is a broad beam for finding things, reading, repairing, foredeck work, etc. You can see this light beam from a long distance because it's so bright but more importantly from a wide angle. (120° ) It's ideal as a dingy light or anchor light or emergency light.

  2. Small & Lightweight: - The Crew-Light™ fits comfortably in your pocket. It's only five inches long and weighs 3.5 ounces including batteries.

    Isn't it an absolute pain-in-the-ass trying to find your flashlight? The Crew-Light™ slips into your jacket or pants pocket. Stop fumbling around in the dark. It's in your pocket! Duh! Go ashore and come back in the dark with the Crew-Light™.

  3. Keeps on Shining: - Our low current drain design means long battery-life The Crew-Light™ can burn for 6 days straight and a full 20 hours at full ultra brightness! LED's convert electrical energy directly into photons efficiently and with very little heat generated. We use the most expensive long lasting LED's made in our patented design.

    A typical flashlight burns through a set of alkaline batteries in less then five hours with only the first hour at top brightness. (Halogen and Xenon lamps included.) After five hours The Crew-Light™ is just warming up and going strong. The others are long gone! Come back tomorrow - same story.

  4. Standard Batteries: - The Crew-Light™ uses regular off-the-shelf alkaline AAA batteries. We include a set of Duracells® with each Crew-Light™.

  5. Waterproof: - Waterproof means reliable in the marine environment. You can depend on the Crew-Light™ year after year on-board. It's there when you need it. We tested our high quality "O" ring seal to 500 ft. that means you can leave a Crew-Light™ in your inflatable pouch, emergency ditch bag, survival raft, and Medical kit. Use it in the rain night after night. Use it underwater to clear a lobster pot. The Crew-light™ keeps on shinning! You can count on it.

  6. Rugged: - Sailing is tough on a flashlight. We made the Crew-Light™ out of molded high quality UV protected ABS plastic in easy-to-find Marine Safety Yellow. The Crew-Light™ is made in the good old USA.

  7. Testimonials: - Here's what some hardcore sailing nuts are saying about the Crew-Light™:

    "This past week the power went out for almost 24 hours (6 degrees outside). The Crew Lights™ were on almost continuously and still are as bright as day one." - Jerry

    "It's the only flashlight I needed on my two-month cruise to Maine" - C P

    "Great light, everybody's getting one for Christmas" - B H

    "We were soaked for days, I really depended on it when the stern light went out" - N C

    "A mighty little beacon, this light kicks butt!" - P W

    "We all love it. They're great on the boat, even for the back of my locker when I can't find the other shoe" - J S

    "Last weekend I was replacing the plumbing in my '99 Hunter...was inside, jammed under the starboard quarter, when the circuit breaker went out....rather then crawl out and fuss with that, I had my crew light in my pocket...it saved the day...a great, EFFECTIVE product." - J L

  8. "Toughest and Brightest" says Practical Sailor - October 2003
    and read this Sail Magazine Review ! - February 2003

    Super Flash
    I can't refrain from gushing over the Crew-Light. I've had it on for nearly four days straight, and it's still putting out enough soft bluish-white light to check a chart or negotiate a deck. Such are the joys of LED's - the "bulb" is practically unbreakable and has a nearly endless working life. The Crew-Light's developer-clearly a sailor-has given his baby a tough ABS body, a simple twist-on switch, and a wide flood beam. Plus, the waterproofing is good enough that it can be towed lit across Long Island Sound. He's also determined to make the Crew-Light affordable by selling it directly to the public online. $19.95, batteries included.

    Ben Ellison, Electronics Editor

CrewLight™ Flashlight - 4 Duracell® batteries included

The ultra bright pocket light!
"Toughest and Brightest" - Practical Sailor

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