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SAS01 Portable lounge seat with back rest. Made in USA
Super comfortable Sunbrella seat goes anywhere onboard
Sunbrella Colors

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Don't confuse these beautiful seats with the Knock-off products sold at West. The Sport-a-Seat is made in the USA. The knock-offs are made in China.

The cover of the Sport-a-Seat is made with Sunbrella fabric, which will not fade, and a very sturdy zipper, which will not break easily if at all. The cover of the knock-off is an acryllic fabric that is likely to fade, and the zippers tend to break quite easily. The Sport-a-Seat uses a very high density polyurethane foam which maintains its cushion for years. You don't feel the frame through the foam, nor do you bottom out when you're seated. The knock-off has foam which is not very dense, and you tend to feel the frame as well as the surface on which you're seated after a short period of time depending on your weight. The frame of the Sport-a-Seat is incredibly sturdy, will hold up to 350# in each position and has contour bends for back comfort. There is a teflon protector attached to the hinge. Other seats of this type have no back contours, are definitely not very sturdy and have no protector attached to the hinge. The knock-offs are definetly less expensive than the Sport-a-Seat but you get what you pay for.

The Sport a Seat resembles a cushion that is 18" W, 40" L, and 3.25" H with a carrying handle. Heavy-duty with 6-position ratcheting hinges. The hinges are offset by two inches, which provides a long and short side. With the longer side down and the back adjusted to any of the 6 positions, the Sport a Seat is great for lounging. With the shorter side down and the back in the full upright position, the Sport a Seat offers independent back support while sitting on elevated surfaces. Your own weight on the bottom supports the back in all 6 positions.

CrewLight™ Flashlight - 4 Duracell® batteries included

The ultra bright pocket light!
"Toughest and Brightest" - Practical Sailor

No-OX-ID A Special Electrical Grade Conductive Grease and Contact Lubricant
Use on all electrical contacts to prevent corrosion. Rated number one by "Practical Sailor" Dec. 2010
Portable LED cockpit and anchor light with daylight sensor and cigarette lighter plug
Be safe - Light up your cockpit and keep an extra anchor light on board Doubles as a cockpit/ utiltiy light
Signal Mate 3 NM LED Anchor Light
Compact and rugged Designed for many years of operation. Mounting bracket included Made in USA!
On Sale Now. MSRP $224.00, Now $185.00!
SmartLock outboard motor lock for engines to 35/40 HP (with clamp screws).

Keep your engine safe from thieves!
Coolnet Sailboat Hammock - Unique 3-point design sets up fast and stores easily
If you want a really nice place to lounge or sit you need this hammock! that you can rig in a few minutes
Lifeline AGM Deep Cycle Marine Battery
12 Volt (Size)24 (Capacity)80 Amp Hr

Charges deeper, faster and without maintenance!
Will not spill or leak!
WinchRite ABT Cordless, Lightweight, Electric Winch Handle
Boat Show Special through February! Instantly electrify all your winches!

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