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CHM01 X16™ Plastic Window Polish
16 oz Bottle
Clean, polish and protect your hatches, ports, and flexible transparent windows with the right stuff! Inspired by the F16 fighter jet canopy polish. For use on all plastic surfaces.

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For use on all clear plastic and other plastic surfaces. Our new and improved X16™ Plastic Window Polish beat our previous Mil. Spec. formula in our own in-house lab tests. Our original X16™ formula is used by the US Military for cleaning, removing light scratches and polishing the F16 Fighter Jet plastic canopies and other critical transparent surfaces.

We've added PTFE(Teflon™)and a high-tech UV protectant along with a faster drying agent to the original formula which still contains the same super fine abrasive for removing minor scratches. The new and improved X16™ cleans faster and leaves a longer lasting protective coating. It works great on all plastic surfaces and glass too!

Use X16™ for:
  • Hatches
  • Port holes
  • Flexible clear plastics windows
  • Instruments
  • Windshields
  • All plastic surfaces
  • Glass
Polish your windows and hatches but don't forget the instrument panels, Nav. & Helm Instruments too! They'll clean up fast and look great! Contains a special fine abrasive for removal of minor scratches.
Little Monster™ Neodymium Retrieval Magnet
You'll learn to love the Little Monster™.
No-OX-ID A Special Electrical Grade Conductive Grease and Contact Lubricant
Use on all electrical contacts to prevent corrosion. Rated number one by "Practical Sailor" Dec. 2010
Signal Mate2NM BiColor Bow Light with adjustable mounting bracket
An excellent LED Bow light. Easy to mount Made in USA!
On Sale Now. MSRP $242.00, Now $195.00!
Signal Mate 2NM LED Tri-Color plus Anchor, Wind Indicator Illumination and Daylight Sensor (bracket included)
Compact and rugged Designed for many years of operation. Daylight sensor turns Anchor light on/off Made in USA!
On Sale through February. MSRP $371.00, Now $310.00!
SCAD Sensibulb™ LED Light - LED cabin light bulb replacement Made in USA!
Jan '09 Practical Sailor's Highest Lumen Output!The Brightest output LED system, pleasing color, broad focus, very low battery draw. Fits into vertical and horizontal fixtures! Zero radio interference!
BatteryMINDer® OnBoard Desulphators With Battery and Charging System Indicator 12-V & 24-V
Keep your batteries plates clean & fresh. Works automatically each time you charge!
Lifeline AGM Deep Cycle Marine Battery
12 Volt (Size)24 (Capacity)80 Amp Hr

Charges deeper, faster and without maintenance!
Will not spill or leak!
Signal Mate 3 NM LED Anchor Light
Compact and rugged Designed for many years of operation. Mounting bracket included Made in USA!
On Sale Now. MSRP $224.00, Now $185.00!

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