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Voltage: 12v
Length: - in 20.76
Width :- in 8.70
Height :- in 9.44
Weight : 135 lbs / 61.2 kgs

Cold Cranking Amps:
68?: (1595)
32?: (1360)
0? : (1100)

Rated Cap. Amp. Hrs: 20 Hr Rate (210)

Minutes of Discharge :
25 Amps : (390)
15 Amps: (680)
8 Amps: (1375)

All Lifeline Batteries have a 1 year free replacement & 4 year pro rated warranty.
SCAD Solo Tank Tank Monitor with Gauge Panel and External Tank Sensor
Sensor installs easily on the outside of your tank. Awarded Practical Sailor Editor's Choice 2009
Portable LED cockpit and anchor light with daylight sensor and cigarette lighter plug
Be safe - Light up your cockpit and keep an extra anchor light on board Doubles as a cockpit/ utiltiy light
Little Monster™ Neodymium Retrieval Magnet
You'll learn to love the Little Monster™.
Signal Mate 2NM LED Tri-Color & 2NM Anchor with Wind Indicator Illumination Includes mounting bracket
Compact and rugged Designed for many years of operation Made in USA
On Sale through February. MSRP $351.00, Now $285.00!
Outdoor Collapsible Solar Lantern. Luci Outdoor 2.0

WiFi SignalMaker™ Onboard WIFi hi-gain amplifier and base station
Make your WiFi fast and reliable with our 9 dB hi-gain base station
Automatic Loading Multi-bit Screw Driver will make you the feel like Matt Dillon! Works like a pump gun!
Loads and chambers a bit from its magazine/ handle. You never touch the bit!
Lifeline AGM Deep Cycle Marine Battery
12 Volt (Size)24 (Capacity)80 Amp Hr

Charges deeper, faster and without maintenance!
Will not spill or leak!

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