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Voltage: 12v
Length: - in 20.76
Width :- in 8.70
Height :- in 9.44
Weight : 135 lbs / 61.2 kgs

Cold Cranking Amps:
68?: (1595)
32?: (1360)
0? : (1100)

Rated Cap. Amp. Hrs: 20 Hr Rate (210)

Minutes of Discharge :
25 Amps : (390)
15 Amps: (680)
8 Amps: (1375)

All Lifeline Batteries have a 1 year free replacement & 4 year pro rated warranty.
LED Spreader light from Scandvik
New product with the latest LED technology
Razor sharp HOOKNIFE clears lines fast!
Hook and pull action slices entangled lines from your prop or rudder! NOT CURRENTLY STOCKED. Please see our new longer Hooknife in stock here: Hooknife 2
Automatic Loading Multi-bit Screw Driver will make you the feel like Matt Dillon! Works like a pump gun!
Loads and chambers a bit from its magazine/ handle. You never touch the bit!
Perfect Pole Telescopic Handle for Hooknife Rated #1 by Powerboat Reports!
This is the best pole/handle for our line slicing Hooknife. Extends your Hooknife's reach by 6'
SCAD MLC™ Masthead Light Controller
Turns ordinary anchor light into distress signal providing an important safety feature.
Stay-Dry Vacuum Containers
Keeps things dry as a bone!
Signal Mate 3 NM LED Anchor Light
Compact and rugged Designed for many years of operation. Mounting bracket included Made in USA!
On Sale Now. MSRP $224.00, Now $185.00!
Signal Mate 2NM LED Tri-Color plus Anchor, Wind Indicator Illumination and Daylight Sensor (bracket included)
Compact and rugged Designed for many years of operation. Daylight sensor turns Anchor light on/off Made in USA!
On Sale through February. MSRP $371.00, Now $310.00!

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