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Call us (888-884-7245) about the following installation services:
  • Custom Deck Surface Fabrications using Marinedeck 2000
  • Re power with Beta Marine Diesel Engines
  • Rigging services with Schaefer Marine Jib Furlers and Boom Furlers
  • Extend your season with Webasto and Hurricane, Hot Water, Hot Air, Marine Heating Systems
  • Precision Temp offers,Hot water, a salt water shower feature and Hydronic Heating with Propane
  • Repair or upgrade to the finest quality Webasto Marine Comfort Cooling
  • Installation of a space saving, Mase Generators, featuring dependable Yanmar Diesel Power
  • Need Water? Village Marine and Offshore Marine Laboratories Water Makers provide
  • Upgrade to an Energy efficient Isotherm Refrigeration system featuring ASU
  • We will Restore your bright work with Bristol Finish
Custom Deck Surface Fabrications using Marinedeck 2000

Replace teak and add a beautiful and practical professionally-made surface with our easy to install custom Marinedeck 2000.

Its an easy process where you participate by providing us with a paper template of the exact size you plan to have us fabricate out of Marinedeck 2000. We then provide you with a quote.

In about two to three weeks after quote acceptance your new Marinedeck 2000 will arrive ready to be applied to your deck. Its that easy!

Marinedeck 2000 is fabricated by Stazo using natural non-porous cork. This eco-friendly renewable resource is perfect for boat deck applications.

  • Non-skid - great to walk on with bare feet
  • Durable outlasts teak
  • Low- maintenance no coating required. Just clean up with soap and water
  • Leak-proof will not leak like teak decks. There are no fasteners and cork is natural non-porous
  • Looks great & feels great natural color of cork and resilient to the step
  • We can fabricate block pads, cockpit floors and seat components, full teak deck replacements, etc, etc!
Brochure - Marinedeck 2000 - click here.

See more photos here.

* Try one of our samples for $9.95 (shipping included) and see how Marinedeck 2000 will look on your boat! Price refunded with any Marinedeck 2000 purchase.

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Wireless 12 Volt DC Remote Switch
Use the same technology that unlocks your car door to turn your deck lights on before you board from up to 75 Yards away - Makes boarding easier and safer!
Laser Rescue Flare
Hand-held day and nighttime laser signaling device.
Outdoor Collapsible Solar Lantern. Luci Outdoor 2.0

SCAD MLC Masthead Light Controller
Turns ordinary anchor light into distress signal providing an important safety feature.
Signal Mate 3 NM LED Anchor Light with Photocell that Turns light on at Dusk and off at Dawn
Compact and rugged Designed for many years of operation Made in USA!
On Sale Now. MSRP $246.00, Now $199.95!
Lifeline AGM Deep Cycle Marine Battery
12 Volt (Size)24 (Capacity)80 Amp Hr

Charges deeper, faster and without maintenance!
Will not spill or leak!
No-OX-ID A Special Electrical Grade Conductive Grease and Contact Lubricant
Use on all electrical contacts to prevent corrosion. Rated number one by "Practical Sailor" Dec. 2010
60-100-SR-IG alternator, ARS-5-H regulator, MC-TS-A Alternator Temp Sensor, MC-TS-B Battery Temp Sensor
Everything you need to upgrade your Yanmar,Perkins or other saddle mount dual foot alternators to the most efficient charging system for AGM or flooded cell batteries

Charge faster Charge better!

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